Technical Skill

I have a broad spectrum of technical skills and real-world experience in applying them to complex business models.

In addition to IT Management, I am also experienced in Web Production/Design, Web and Application development, as well as many forms of Multimedia: audio, video & print.



IT Management

Business & Marketing Savvy

I'm a rare find in the IT Industry. I understand business processes, as well as maintaining a public face through technology.

I believe that technology should solve more problems that it causes which is why I have dedicated much of my career to applying simple yet effective solutions for the businesses I have worked with.

Author & Speaker

Creativity & Ingenuity

Along with my technical skill, I have a creative side that is an integral part of my technical skill & marketing experience.

I've applied my creativity to many technical solutions such as automation, tracking and simplfying real-world marketing & revenue streams. Additionally, I have educated hundreds of business owners how to use the Internet to promote their goods & servivces.

Web Development

How JohN Dawes will enhance Your team

I'm an IT professional with 19 years of real-world experience. In addition to being a team player, I can communicate the business needs of administrative staff to technical staff. I've also been a public speaker & author on the topic of Internet Marketing to Small Businesses and Music Artists across the country.
A Potent Mixture of Business Savvy & Technical Skills

Demonstrated Experience

If there is anyting on my resume that brought you to this site that you would like to see a demonstration of I'd be happy to arrange it.
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